Monday, December 13, 2010


Well, I thought I'd just blog along for a moment and let off some steam.....the food for thought comes from a comment that "asking for help" involves sacrifice from the "helper" - well, does it or doesn't it. One might say that sometimes it does and other times not, depending on the status of the "helper" at the time and also the relationship between the "requester of help" and the "helper". Moms sacrifice all the time because that's what moms do. Families normally sacrifice for each other because thats the unselfish thing to do. Colleagues sacrifice probably for reasons of their own agenda. Churches sacrifice because it is the Lord's way of helping the less fortunate BUT are these instances always related to "sacrificing something in order to help someone else" or is it often really just a simple, unselfish answer to the call of the requester? There are many pros and cons to this "Sacrifice issue" and I suppse one could go around for days and weeks throwing it backwards and forwards ... but at the moment for me - it's food for thought.