Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I was very young, around 8 years old when my mom started introducing the concept of using a check list to keep track of things to me. As I grew older I started to appreciate the effectiveness of using a check list as a control tool in my life and I have been a HUGE check list user since. As a mother I tired to instill in my children the basic fundamentals of using check lists as a control tool in their lives - it worked. They both use check lists in different ways but they do use them. Now I'm a granny and I have started introducing check lists to our little granddaughter of 8. I start with a favourite - drawing up a check list for a dinner party to beheld. Using the dinner party topic is a great way to introduce check lists to little ones and big ones since it is fun and you don't get much opposition. It's a mindset that needs to be developed within them and the younger it is done the better for them - when they get into the work place they will be in control of their job function from the start. Our little granddaughter's first dinner party check list was about three words - ice-cream, tablecloth and candles but after discussing that there is a bit more to it than those three words, we went onto something a little more detailed. Now when asking her to put a check list together her mindset is correct from the start. - it may not be mature yet, but she now knows to group things and define things under each main heading that she has given. IF LITTLE ONES CAN DO IT .......... WHY DO ADULTS REVOLT AGAINST IT, when check lists are a wonderful tool to be used to make a person reliable, meet deadlines, operate with integrity and in general be known as someone highly efficient and professional........I JUST DON'T KNOW!