Monday, June 13, 2011


I know, it is a rather long heading for a blog but....... that's exactly what this blog is all about.... JOINING FORCES WITH OTHER NETWORKERS TO MUTALLY BENEFIT EACH OTHER.
For me - the owner of the CLIP System methodology, aligned to my book "The CLIP System" - check lists for improved productivity, I am encourage in the fact that other businesses find the CLIP System a useful tool to manage risk and cost within their companies.
The Media Mogul recoginsed the benefits of the CLIP System and is offering a workshop to local Howick and Midlands Meander businesses, now that's what I call "caring for your customers".
How far does one take the "customer care" aspect of business.... well, I say - ALL THE WAY.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I often wonder what it is I should really be blogging about - certainly not very private things?Business things are good, but then - what would be of interest or not to those of you out there.....that's the burning question.
So, in my usual style of individuality - the following is what's currently on my heart.
Today, Shari made a statement that made me wake up and take note - "we're not like you, we have other conversations, not just work conversations". Wow.... I must be becoming a real dreary, work-a-holic indeed.
I began to think about and analyze this statement - can I talk about things other than work issues or do I find myself in this horrid place of being a "work-talker" - how boring?
Well, I am sad to say that work is a primary topic of conversation in my daily life, no matter the day or that's really not on and very, very sad.
The next step is - how do I make a positive change in my conversations in the future? This may prove to be a challenge for the following reasons:-
1) I am the sole person in my company - Harmie and cc so work is a primary function all day every day.
2) I work from home - so I don't get all that much outside conversation - my phone calls are generally work related.
3) I work on a number of voluntary committees so again "work" is the topic of conversation.
4) I haven't achieved the fine line balance in life as a "one man band" between work and play.
There are probably many more 'negative" contributors to my problem BUT there is also hope. From TODAY I'll be getting a life outside of "work" - somehow, somewhere and soon.