Thursday, July 9, 2015

Enjoying solitude

At times I find it very valuable to just sit in solitude - my own space, my own time, my own thoughts, no pressure to conform, to take heed, to be compliant, to stress...... Just the peace of solitude.
I often wonder why I don't take time out more frequently since the experience is rewarding and refreshing... A bit silly really.­čśĆ 

Our Puppy Pappy below..... Sitting in solitude, focused on the return of Harmie, his best friend, companion and master.

I think solitude needs to be consistently part of our lives to reduce stress, encourage spiritual growth and quiet frankly keep us sane in this world of super fast communication­čśÄ

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Crisis management...

I have had two customers recently who found themselves in a bit of a "crisis" where people had handed in their resignations and the way forward was not clear to them. That's where I was called in..... To help them plan the way forward with as little fuss as possible, and to manage risk as much as possible under the circumstances.

I have been excited about the fact that, because we had put structure in place in the past two months, implemented control tools and check lists where applicable, it has been relatively easy to maintain a consistent workflow even with the people walking out without working their notice.

Now, this got me to thinking... Why did these people leave and my findings are as follows:
1) the people in both companies that left did not embrace the change with regards structure being implemented in the work place right from the start
2) they were negative from the start of the project
3) their input into the project was minimal
4) they didn't see the need for an admin system at all

How interesting is that, and I take this as a very positive outcome of a CLIP System implementation...
It definitely sorts the "men from the boys" as they say. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

I'm back...

I'm back and I am going to be blogging away soon.
Watch this space.