Sunday, August 5, 2012


Well, great excitement reigns this side as we plan our CLIP SYSTEM workshops in India..... 6 October to 22 October we will be workshopping around the CLIP SYSTEM in Ahmendabad and Mumbai - combining this with some holiday time.

It is SO EXCITING for me, for a number of reasons:

1) I am returning to India after being there for a month in December 1997 when I managed the South African Women's Cricket team to the world cup. This was truly a remarkable experience and I am hoping to get reacquainted with some friends I made there during that period.

2) My daughter Shari and I made a promise to each other after my visit to India in 1997, that we would take a trip to India together ... I have not stopped talking about India since 1997 and frequently look at the 36 rolls of film I took there.

3) The thought of sharing the CLIP SYSTEM with people outside of Africa gives me "goose bumps" .... it is beyond comprehension and partnering with Ashish Babaria CMD of Alpha Interbiz Pvt. Ltd. in getting this event in place is a privilege. Thank you Ashish.

So, flights are booked, innoculations not needed (yay), visa perparations in progress, booking accommodation in progress, what to wear, what to take, what to remember, etc...... the CLIP TRAVEL CHECK LIST is opperative and working well this side so far.

ANYONE in India interested in attending the CLIP SYSTEM workshop can either contact Ashish on or myself on ... we'll be excited to meet you.