Friday, March 1, 2013


Well, it is that time of the year again - financial year end.......

This time of the year for companies reveals many things:
  • How people handle stress
  • How much administration WASN'T handled well during the year
  • Caos - what needs to be done
  • Adding to the caos - who has to do what
  • How to correct errors before closing off
  • Communicating to everyone what the VERY VERY VERY last day is before cutoff, to get everything done
  • Short and sharp communication between management and the team
  • Hurt feelings
  • Nausea
  • Horrors, the date the auditors will be arriving
  • Everyone putting in for leave
AND so many many more ABNORMAL things happen......

I recently change my auditing company and in doing so decided that I would produce 2 check lists to manage this change, to ensure everything gets done timeously. What a good person .... AND how fortunate I am to have the knowledge of the CLIP System, that enables me to produce the necessary control tools for this function.

So, in essence I produced a check list to manage the documentation requirements and flow between the new auditors and I, and a check list for the year of what needs to be done and when, to remain compliant and manage my risk.

Strong communication between both parties is highly important, and the mutually agreed upon check list of activities / documents required / times lines and responsible people makes this communication a breeze ....... well I hope so, since the check lists are both waiting a reply from the auditors at the time of writing. - BUT I will keep you posted.

So, instead of caos - the CLIP System can once again prevent all unnecessary stress and pressure by managing the risk throughout the process.