Friday, November 19, 2010


I just love Friday's...... after a very hectic week keeping customers happy and trying to make a difference in the business world its very trying. Business.... I marvel at how companies operate these days and yet they still make huge amounts of money. There are many companies that have no idea about basic administration and more scary than that is the fact that senior managers know NOTHING about managing their own jobs. They don't use an electronic calendar, they don't use the task schedule, they don't arrange meetings via their system, they don't even know how to flag emails.......HOW VERY SAD is that. Maybe it would be wise for companies to give managers a "practical" test and ask them to show how they would manage their job functions to reduce risk. My cool little book -called "The CLIP System", is so user friendly and has proven time and time again after workshopping around it that it is really valuable, however the frustration is that companies don't even realise they have an admin problem so how do I convince them that they need my services. This challenge is one that I am going to crack if I don't crack in the attempt. Oh well...... time out.

Monday, November 15, 2010

What's in a name

Well, yesterday I went on about my nickname and have been thinking a little further about names and there meanings. My real name means "a gift from God" - now that's really cool since I am sure I was a surprise, was born premature and have right from the start had miracles happen in my life. Names are not what they are cracked up to be at all and some parents are not very considerate at all when you here some of the names around and about like Peter Peters or John Johns.
I get called Shan very seldom, most times it is Shancade, Kate, Chan, Kaade, and various other versions .. generally speaking now when people struggle with my name I just give them the go ahead to say "hey you"... now is that the right thing to do I wonder?
Some people get so offended when their names are not pronounced correctly or spelt correctly or even that you dont know what nationality it is....... really a name is a name, it is not who you are personally!!! In South Africa today I wonder how everyone copes with the names like Quo, or other Zulu names .... it beats me.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why Titch?

My blog is called "Titch" - my nickname from the family because I was the youngest by far..... I am sure to get hammered for that statement from my sister. Nicknames come about in different ways which I find so facinating.
For instance I call my husband "Harmie" which stems from his surname "Harmer", sort of like a user-friendly, pet name and I must tell you now, that it becomes "HARMUS" when I am not too happy with him.
Granny's and grandpa's are the other people within the "family chain" that get nicknames given to them. I had so many granny's and grandpa's that they were differentiated as follows:
Granny Iris, Grandpa Tom, Granny Vi, Grandpa Mead, Grandpa Dan, Granny Lowe....... I know what you are thinking....How can someone have so many granny's and grandpa's? - quite simple really, all our families live to grand old ages (over 90's) as well as a few divorces thrown in.
Another form of nickname comes from the shortening of the persons actual name .... these aren't as much fun really since Susan becomes Sue and Harold becomes Harry, etc.....nothing exciting. When next you hear an unusual nickname try asking the person how it came about and you'll find it really really interesting.