Saturday, August 13, 2016

Well, it has been a while since I last blogged... I am being kind to myself though, since life happens and sometimes regrouping in a big way is required. no excuses, just fact.

I was recently asked by a current customer of mine - my contract is coming up for renewal, to bring a list to the meeting of "what value I can bring to their organization"... I must say I was a tad confused, since they more than any other customer really know the value I bring and the skills I have since we go back to 2010.

So I began thinking of what I consisered was valuable to them particularly, but during this thought process I decided who better than my other customers to give me that information.
I wrote each customer an email asking them the question... "What value do I bring to your organization"?

Well, I am truly humbled by what I have received so far, and what's more on the same day as sending the email.
I am so encouraged to continue with my Sustainable business thinking programme from these comments and information given me.
Isn't it just great to love what you are doing and see the change it brings unexpected in people who you thought were not embracing the programme.

Thank you to all my customers for your support and for believing in my programme of "holistic people development" in the workplace. 👍🏻😊