Thursday, May 17, 2012


I always feel good after a hectic workshop, whether that be a CLIP System or Outlook Management workshop....... it is grand to know that people have left with more understanding, and have absorbed GOOD THINGS that will make a difference in their work environment.

What a privilege to be able to teach people who want to improve their skills and increase their knowledge.

Today's outlook Management ideas workshop was exactly what it says .... looking at ideas to use this marvellous tool to it's maximum, instead of just for sending and receiving emails.

Whether it be email management, scheduling tasks, setting-up meetings or appointments or just writing a casual note .... managing your "reminder system control tool" is HIGHLY important to your success in the work environment.

So then, if you are "dropping the ball", have too much on your plate, feel exhausted, working long hours, feeling swamped and without hope...........................YOU need to re-group and review the way you work.

Now is the time - don't procrastinate, set your mind to do something about it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Feeling good in the work environment - can be achieved.