Thursday, November 14, 2013

Interesting indeed

It is always really interesting to meet people attending a training workshop... Different walks of life, different ideas, different thoughts - in fact just plain different in every way.
I recently ran a series of sustainable business thinking training sessions for DSV, a JHB based freight forwarding company and suddenly realized that these participants were a bit different to my normal, variety type audience..... They were thinking in unison, to a degree.
They were all involved in a one topic thought process, namely freight forwarding ..... This made it very simple for me to give examples relating to the industry and not having to, as I normal would have to, give a wide variety of examples to accommodate the different industries represented ..... It certainly was a breeze.
These workshops were most enjoyable and productive - people were implementing change the very same day they had the training and this carried through to the end of the 8th day. How encouraging is that!
Training is always a challenge, but with people embracing change so promptly, as in this series of workshops, it makes training really worthwhile.... I just love imparting knowledge to people who really want to develop and grow within the work environment.
Aah, the  satisfaction of a job well done is a good feeling.