Sunday, May 8, 2011


Life throws challenges at us all the time - we lose loved ones, babies get born, schooling has to be done, jobs need to be found, churches change, companies go under, companies start up, people get retrenched, people survive disasters, disasters happen and so the list goes on and on.
My recent challenge is having too much work for one person but not enough work to employ someone else to help. I suppose if you are an entreprenuer you'd be saying "take the leap Shan".... "it's a risk you need to take Shan".... and all those other bold statements BUT one needs to have a plan -I think...... before taking the leap - I am conservative you see and having been recently bitten by a compnay owing me money and going down the tubes I have become quite reserved really.
My main priority it to stay out of debt but sometimes you have to go into debt to grow your it boils down to -"should I or shouldn't I" ......oh I don't konw the answer really and I haven't given it too much thought BUT I'll speak to someone who is wise in these affairs and try and find a way forward.
Of course I don't want to turn away business at all but if you are at your maximum output level what do you do?
Anyway... food for thought I suppose and having to think is always a good idea. Why do they say "think outside the box?" Can't we just make the box bigger??????