Thursday, February 3, 2011


Dirty words.... that's what the two words "risk management" are!! Well I am assuming this because clearly businesses do not risk manage much anymore, and one would think that in this day an age of the state of the worlds economy they would actually pay attention.
Daily I am surprised by companies big and small that do not manage their risk.
A person I met this week said the only "budget" companies look at these days is their BANK STATEMENT ... my immediate thought was WOW, that's a bit harsh, but then when I thought back to the various companies I have been reviewing lately this is an actual fact - frightening indeed.
You know what always surprises me is the fact the companies big, medium or small have NO idea how much money they are losing because their employees are not functioning well due to lack of basic admin skills. When I'm talking losing money I am relating this to productivity, efficiency, errors made, time management, organisational skills and customer satisfaction - ALL these factors can be translated into monetary values...the question is - "DO THEY EVEN KNOW HOW TO GUAGE WHERE THEY STAND WITHIN THE ADMIN SECTOR OF THEIR BUSINESS?" - the answer in 99% of the cases would be NO. How sad. Just imagine how much more profitable they could be!!

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