Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Be encouraged, change is never easy but if we consistently continue to make the change it happens.

I was encouraged today by the feedback I received from a technician who attended a personalised CLIP System workshop for a Howick company, this is what he said........

"I am making full use of the DRT, I make sure that as soon as I do anything it is written down under tech notes. It works really well, tracking jobs has become a breeze! I am also doing my little list in the morning of what jobs I want to get done during the day, having a target and getting to tick them all off feels great.
It is only scribbled in a notebook for now, but I am working on a decent spread sheet.

Thanks again for the talk, I was a bit dubious about all those lists at first but now I can see how well they work!"

This company has an amazing tracking package to track the jobs in and out but they were not using it effectively as well as not having any focus tools in place.

Well, we work shopped around a holistic view to co-ordinating one's job, covering - risk management, cost management, continuity of service and customer service, using the CLIP System as a foundation - the result has been rewarding for participant and myself.......... how great is that.

Don't be afraid of change - embrace it.... you'll be amazed at the results.

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