Thursday, February 6, 2014

Oh the pressure

What to do or what not to do.... The saga of having two customers with a crisis at the same time and just you to try and sort it all out.....

It doesn't matter how efficient you are or how organized you are, sometimes the inevitable happens.... Two jobs with the same priority..... Oh what a nightmare.

Well, that is where I have found myself this past few days.... Madly " burning the candle at both ends" to do my best to resolve the things that need to be resolved and keep both customers happy. This is no mean feat at all and does take its toll on the body when you get older!!!

Now, the thing is this - I consider myself an efficient and well organized person and I still struggled to make it all happen without suffering from stress... Is there anyone out there that has some constructive ideas on how to drop the stress factor, when you find yourself in situations like the one mentioned above?

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