Friday, December 5, 2014

New life...

 Two weeks ago we got a little puppy, called Pappy - what a difference it has made to our lives having this little real life thing running around under our feet and bringing us much joy and pleasure. This got me to thinking about change.....
After Chester died 2 years ago ( he was 21) we said never again, it is to hurtful to lose a pet, but after a while we began to feel like something was missing and started to feel the pinch. So, we took the brave step - supported the local SPCA and found Pappy.
The next step in our venture was realizing that we had to make our home "Pappy" proof. This is no different to making it grandchildren proof at all, as we found out. Now, daily as we go in and out the house, the last thing to do is make sure that the place is Pappy proof or else we come home to a HUGE surprise.
Then of course comes the "potty" training. Starting with the newspaper down in the kitchen during the night and taking Pappy outside during the day periodically to enable him to do what he aught to.... He plays us well... Outside sniffing, running, " Bundu bashing" but not doing a thing THEN just make the decision to come back inside what happens.... Voops.... there's the puddle right where it shouldn't be.  Don't you just like new life around......? So glad we made the mindset change.

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