Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Working today with a team of ladies I found a common lack of knowledge, when handling emails - they are not using the FLAGGING methodology of flagging emails by DATE and TIME.
This brings unbelievable stress because the emails that are just flagged without date and time management, will continually be in your face.

My standard rules, when teaching people how to manage their reminder system, are quite simple
1) The inbox is for emails that you have NOT read. Once they have been read you either handle them and move them into the correct folder or flag them correctly to handle at a later stage
2) The sent box must be kept clear - once sent place in the correct folder or flag for follow up with date and time

Now, really that doesn't take much effort, IF YOU DO IT CONSISTENTLY, but if you don't, email management can become your worst nightmare.

After handling 450 emails per day, that had to be answered, I learnt the hard way and the above management idea works wonders. Stress off, reminder system reminding and integrity in tact.

Try it, all you have to do is REMEMBER TO REMEMBER to manage emails in as specified above. Let me have some feedback, if you found this tip useful.... I'd love to hear from you.

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