Friday, December 27, 2013


Somehow when people are traveling they forget about risk management and in doing that they put you at risk... Thank goodness we can commit our journey to God and he takes care of us.

Unlike India..... Which has rather "random" driving as I think of it, South Africa has supposed structure to make driving safer, efficient and less stressful - one wouldn't think so by the number of accidents we see just driving between JHB and Howick.

The sad part about these accidents is all the lives that are affected by them in one way or another and very often it's the innocent that take the beating.

How do we reduce the accident numbers? This is an ongoing project and why we can't get it right beats me.

It seems to me that there is no consequence, or very little consequence for bad driving managed by our government - the consequence that is in place is not strictly managed and thus people have the freedom to do as they please, resulting in the carnage we see on our roads.

So, what do us " goody goodies" need to do about the situation then?

Well, I will leave that up to you..... I'll continue to try and make a difference wherever and whenever I can, in some way or another, and if pressure needs to be brought on the authorities to manage our roads, driving, drivers license process, etc more effectively, then I will be willing to introduce them to the CLIP system methodology and way of thinking.

For me the CLIP system does wonders when it is embraced........

Safe travel readers .......

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