Sunday, November 14, 2010

Why Titch?

My blog is called "Titch" - my nickname from the family because I was the youngest by far..... I am sure to get hammered for that statement from my sister. Nicknames come about in different ways which I find so facinating.
For instance I call my husband "Harmie" which stems from his surname "Harmer", sort of like a user-friendly, pet name and I must tell you now, that it becomes "HARMUS" when I am not too happy with him.
Granny's and grandpa's are the other people within the "family chain" that get nicknames given to them. I had so many granny's and grandpa's that they were differentiated as follows:
Granny Iris, Grandpa Tom, Granny Vi, Grandpa Mead, Grandpa Dan, Granny Lowe....... I know what you are thinking....How can someone have so many granny's and grandpa's? - quite simple really, all our families live to grand old ages (over 90's) as well as a few divorces thrown in.
Another form of nickname comes from the shortening of the persons actual name .... these aren't as much fun really since Susan becomes Sue and Harold becomes Harry, etc.....nothing exciting. When next you hear an unusual nickname try asking the person how it came about and you'll find it really really interesting.

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