Friday, November 19, 2010


I just love Friday's...... after a very hectic week keeping customers happy and trying to make a difference in the business world its very trying. Business.... I marvel at how companies operate these days and yet they still make huge amounts of money. There are many companies that have no idea about basic administration and more scary than that is the fact that senior managers know NOTHING about managing their own jobs. They don't use an electronic calendar, they don't use the task schedule, they don't arrange meetings via their system, they don't even know how to flag emails.......HOW VERY SAD is that. Maybe it would be wise for companies to give managers a "practical" test and ask them to show how they would manage their job functions to reduce risk. My cool little book -called "The CLIP System", is so user friendly and has proven time and time again after workshopping around it that it is really valuable, however the frustration is that companies don't even realise they have an admin problem so how do I convince them that they need my services. This challenge is one that I am going to crack if I don't crack in the attempt. Oh well...... time out.

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